About Ratels" Make Yours " & " Build for Speed "

Ratels motor cycle survice は 2018.01.01 に誕生しました。
Ratels オーナーメカニック Yuu Takai は、幼少期よりオートバイから飛行機まで力強くそして速い乗り物が大好きでした。



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About Ratels

" Make Yours " & " Build for Speed "

Ratels motor cycle survice was born in 2018 03.
owner mechanic Yuu Takai has loved powerful and fast rides from motorcycles to planes since childhood.
When I spend at high school, I always thinking about car and cars customs so, decides to work for a well-known local car mechanic.
then, at the age of 18, l immediately got into an auto mechanic company that I decided to work for myself and started working at there.

After started working, I tuned my car by imitating from the end of work to the morning every day.
I was crazy about winning a car race tuned with own skills.
also the motorcycle that I restored myself.

Ratels can realize your dream of motorcycles, Harley and any motorcycles.
Please tell Ratels your dream motorcycle and your custom plan.

Make yours. We can help your dream.

Ratels business ownerYuu Takai

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